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Mar 20, 2010 10:00pm EDT
defense. reports surface, grandfather george anthony not only starts an affair around the time litt caylee goes missing -- irrelevant. but what is relevant is that the alleged other woman insists grandfather george confides little caylee was killed by accident that "snowballed out of control." well, so much for the defense claims somebody else did it. grandfather george anthony vehemently denying any affair or any statement. the so-called mistress caught on video leaving orange couy sheriffs after speaking to police. tonight, is she telling the truth? and if so, what will it mean to tot mom's trial on the murder of her 2-year-old little girl? >> i was sworn under, and i've de my statement. and i've told the truth. that's it. >> george anthony striking back against river cruz, a woman who claims she had a year-long affair with anthony. cruz says george anthony told her caylee's death was an accident that snowballed out of control. but george anthony through his attorney denies her story. >> she was in love with george. she told him that i would never ask you that. and in reply he sai
Mar 17, 2010 10:00pm EDT
reports grandfather george anthony starts an affair when little caylee goes missing -- irrelevant -- the alleged other woman insists grandfather george confides little caylee was killed by accident and it snowballed out of control. so much for the defense claim somebody else did it. grandfather george anthony vehemently denying the affair and statement. bombshell tonight. after the so-called other woman's family appears live here last night denying the story went to the "national enquirer," less than 24 hours later, bam, her story a major headline. where? the "national enquirer." just how much money changed hands? we also learn the "enquirer," not police, administer a polygraph. police first tipped off by numerous cell calls allegedly logged in grandfather geor's cell phone. the woman claiming anthony hung out at her apartment while claiming to search for caylee and to look for a job. she says george anthony describes cindy anthony physically attacking tot mom, attacking her, demanding tot mom be thrown out of the family house over what she did to caylee. tonight, is she telling the trut
Mar 23, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, happy. never once even mentioning 2-year-old caylee's name. timely, grandfather, george, physically sits tot mom down at the table, lays out a map, and says "x marks the spot." translation? where's the baby's body? grandmother, cindy, flies into a screaming, cursing rage and kicks the volunteers there to sear for little caylee out of the house. and tonight, big credibility problems surface for the woman claiming grand father, george, started an affair with her in the days following caylee's disappearance. this as the defense insists they will call her as a star witness. good luck. and those 50-plus letters tot mom secretly sent to two female inmates, they have been secured. we learned the total, over 250 handwritten pages, to a killer and a dope dealer. do they obtain a confession? and last, get out your wallet, everybody. the judge rules you and i will pay for tot mom's multimillion-dollar defense. >> breaking news. newly released police documents claim casey anthony was asked by her own father to write an "x" on a map to mark the spot investigators should start searching for cayle
Mar 21, 2010 8:00pm EDT
reports grandfather george anthony starts an affair when caylee goes msing and during pillowtalk, confides little caylee was killed by tot mom by accident. so much for the defense claims somebody else did it. grandfather george anthony denying the fair, and stement. and another blow to the defense vealed in court today. did tot mom secretly pass 50-plus handwritten notesto a female inmate? did she confess? >>> slow down a little bit. sir? sir, can you hear me okay? we're really having a tough time. >> ahony's lawyers have asked the state of florida to pay for part of her defense in hur upcoming trial. the orange county clerk of courts have declared her indigent and lawyers want the judge to agree. >> i'm not in control over any of this, because i don't know what the hell's going on. my entire life has been taken from me. you don't understand, everyone wants me to have answers, i don't have any ansrs, because i don't know what's going on. >> if you have any reason to believe that casey anthony in jail has any mon anyere. >> i'm trying to make sure -- i'm not going to give anybody
Mar 16, 2010 7:00am EDT
is gmt on "bbc world news." i am george alagiah. america's middle east envoy delayed a trip amid the clash. the anti settlement process that could scuffle america's plans for peace talks. the government in sri lanka puts forward a war hero sarath fonseka in front of a military tribunal. thai opposition activists give their own blood for a very graphic demonstration. >> a very graphic, a symbolic gesture. >> instant wealth india-style. rural farmers are selling their land to developers. >> hello and welcome to gmt. i am george alagiah. america's envoy to the middle east, george mitchell, has delayed a trip to israel. the latest sign of worsening relations between the two countries. the move comes as hundreds of palestinians clashed with israeli police in eastern jerusalem after israel reopened a synagogue. police officers fired grenades and tear gas to disperse protesters. hamas has described tuesday as a day of rage against israeli plans to build 1600 new homes in disputed eastern jerusalem. 3000 police officers are said to be on high alert. the announcement of the controversial
Mar 14, 2010 6:30am EDT
vocalist george beon and singer/songwriter ll withers, theye up next. i'm ed gordon.e. welcome, later in the show whose easy voice and great writing has ven up some of the most classicongs of a generation but first, the lendary singer and guitarist, george bson. lile georgie benson began to local star in his hotown of a pittsbur. but was his pwess on the guitar thabrought him attention in the jz worlds he began tolay with greats like miles davis. after moderate success with some solo albums in 1976 benson released the album "brehing." from that lp which became the first platinu jazz album to his late "songs and stories," george benson became a hit machine. ♪ tur your love around don't you turn me down ♪ >> reporter: this masquerade ive me the nit" on broadway and "turn y love around" are a fewf the songs that have become automatic sing-alongs for an eire generation. a lot of pple don't know that you have bee singing literally since you were a small child and in your hometown of pittsburgh, had really develop a following as a kid and then a teeger and you sang, then played the ukulele
Mar 21, 2010 10:00pm EDT
the defense. reports grandfather george anthony starts an affair when caylee goes missing and during pillow talk coop fids little caylee was killed by tot mom by accident. so much for the defense claims somebody else did it. grandfather george anthony denyinthe affair, and statement. and another blow to the defense revealed in court today. did tot mom secretly pass 50-plus handwritten notes to a female inmate? did she confess? >> slow down a little bit. sir? sir, can you hear me okay? we're really having a tough time. >> anthony's lawyers have asked the state of florida to pay for part of her defense in her upcoming trial. the orange county clerk of courts have declared her indigent and lawyers want the judge to agree. >> i'm not in control over any of this, because i don know what the hell's going on. >> do you have any reason to believe casey anthony had been in jail the last months has any money anywhere? >> absolutely not. >> i'm trying to make sure that i'm not going to give anybody anything else to throw against me. >> i'm going to see this case through, i'm going to try this c
Mar 1, 2010 6:00pm EST
ayudarte. prince george vivio este fin de semana otra jornada de violencia, un ppqlatino murio tragicamente en una fiesta y cuatro personas fueron embestidas por un conductor que despues fue arrestado... claudia uceda, nos trae los detalles... las botellas de alcohol, aun estan en la cocina y en la sala.. iba a ser una reunion agradable pero en lugar se convierto en un asesinato.... "habia una persona muerta en la entrada del building, ahora en la manana que yo sali a dejar a mis hijos estaba la cosa de sangre aca..." anoche en este apartamento en la avenida 15 de langley park, un grupo de jovenes guatemaltecos celebraban, pero termino quitandole la vida a un hombre de 35 anos cuya identidad aun no ha sido difundida por la polia de prince george... "recibimos una llamada y cuando llegamos encontramos en el piso a un hombre inconciente ...dijo..." y uno de los vecinos, que no quizo salir en camara nos dijo que despues de las 10 de la noche, en el pasillo hubo una pelea, se escucharon gritos , insultos y luego un silencio....
Mar 10, 2010 12:00pm EST
security officers in responding to the armed assault at the lloyd d. george federal courthouse on january 4, 2010. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from georgia, mr. johnson, and the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from georgia. mr. johnson: thank you, mr. speaker. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the resolution under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. johnson: and i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. johnson: mr. speaker, this resolution honors the heroic actions of court security officer stanley cooper, deputy united states marshal richard j. "joe" gardner and the law enforcement officers of the united states marshal service and las vegas metropolitan police department as well as the court security officers involved in responding to the armed assault at the lloyd d. george federal co
Mar 1, 2010 5:00am EST
throughout the metro area where temperatures are in the upper 30s. in prince george's county mid-30s, arlington, montgomery, fairfax counties mid-to upper 30s. it's above freezing around the region. eastern shore show temperatures are in the mid-30s. and it's generally above freezing except in a few locations out in the mountains temperatures there around 30 degrees. and there are some clouds over the shenandoah valley. and into the most at this hour. those clouds will remain here for the next few hours. for the blue ridge east clear. we have that bright full moon, getting lower in the western ski. lots of sunshine today as weak high pressure comes over the region and afternoon highs climb to 50 degrees. now although it's going to seem cooler we'll have a bit of a blustery wind out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnight tonight we'll be clouding up. a coastal storm, a weak storm. moving quickly out to sea but brushing by us. maybe bringing clouds in tomorrow with highs in the mid-40s. tomorrow night we may get a little light rain south and east and snow west and north
FOX News
Mar 2, 2010 5:00pm EST
explain is why people on the left call george bush a fascist. they call him a nazi. republicans don't even understand that. you will in 30 minutes. when people hold up a hammer and sickle, for obama, they are saying he's a communist. people on the left don't understand that. because most republicans are not nazis and most democrats are not communists. the problem is big government and where it does it lead? how is it that so many people that voted for george w. bush in 2004 and 2000 couldn't see any of the warning signs of big government? the democrats didid. i did. i pointed it out starting in 2004. i made a mistake, we're going too big of a government. this is wrong. but now, the democrats demonize me because i had the same problem with a big government i did under bush. because we demonize the government so much we expect the same from them but not anybody on our side? or is it a combination of self-deception and lack of knowledge of history? have you ever heard the phrase those who don't know history are destined to repeat it? it's true. if we don't understand it we will repeat it
Mar 11, 2010 7:00am EST
industries. what can we do for you? >> now "bbc world news". >> this is "gmt" and i'm george alagiah. talking to the neighbors. karzai meets pakistan in the relationship with the taliban. the two leaders put on a show of unity. >> twin brother of afghanistan. we're more than friends. we're con joined twins. there's no separation. there cannot be a separation. >> the aftermath of a massacre will be live in one of the nigeria villages devastated by sunday attacks. >> a new president for chile. sebastian pinera inherits a different country to the one he campaigned. more strikes in greece as workers complain about public workers cuts. hospitals only tax meke emergen cases. >> hello and welcome to "gmt" i'm george alagiah, president karzai of afghanistan and the president of pakistan have been putting on a convincing show of good neighborly relations. there's serious questions about the relationships. karzai said pakistan has important role to play in peace talks with the all right. tali ban. some would say that's statement of the obvious. the question really is, what sort of role will pa
Mar 16, 2010 11:00pm EDT
a speech on friday at george mason university in fairfax. >>> another japanese automaker says there is a problem with its brakes. this time it's honda. they announced a recall that includes a popular minivan. craig melvin is in temple hills, maryland, with more on this. >> reporter: honda says that they contacted the national highway traffic safety administration yesterday. that's when they told the government they would be voluntarily recalling several hundred thousand of its automobiles over concerns about the brakes. kevin is a loyal honda customer. >> it's a great car. >> reporter: he's bought three over the past ten years. tuesday evening, he was looking at buying another. danny martin is the general manager at cohanka honda in temple hills. >> they earned that reputation of being a leader in the industry in terms of safety. >> reporter: now, like another industry titan, their brand has taken a hit. tuesday the japanese automaker announced it was recalling more than 410,000 of its 2007, 2008 minivans and element crossovers. over time air maybe able to get into the brake line an
Mar 12, 2010 7:00pm EST
democratic fixes to health care reform. i'll ask florida republican senator george lemieux next. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. in campbell's tomato soup while keeping the famous flavor. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. they clean up gunk left by lower quality gasoline. then they act as a protective barrier... that shields and protects engines... against performance-robbing gunk. thanks for the info! shell nitrogen enriched gasoline, helping you get the most out of every drop. >>> if you can't beat them, mock them. that seems to be the established republican candidate grayson. grayson's in the fight for his new political life with rand paul, ho has all of the energy of the tea party movement, plus his father's libertarian presidential campaign. grayson is up with a new website lampooning his opponent. it shows paul looking something like something out of star
Mar 18, 2010 7:00am EDT
is gmt on "bbc world news." i'm george alagiah. the european union foreign policy chief travel to gaza. as she arrived, a stark reminder of the israeli-palestinian conflict. one man is killed after a rocket fired by militants in gaza hits israel. the british boy kidnapped in pakistan is reunited with his father as police and france and spain make arrests. >> i miss you. >> mommy, i miss you. >> say, mom, i love you. >> mommy, i love you. >> the union and the british airways dispute goes global. it wins more support for workers in america and europe. muslim students getting a step up onto the i.t. letter. hello, i'm george alagiah. we are heading toward a busy weekend of middle east diplomacy. the so-called quartet coordinating the international response is meeting in moscow. american the least envoy george mitchell will be in the region sunday and for good measure, the european union foreign policy chief carolyn ashton is in gaza. there was a stark reminder of the problems -- a rocket fire from gaza killed one person and seven is erupted in a moment we will discuss baroness ashbur
Mar 28, 2010 9:00pm EDT
worried about the second inaugural of george w. bush when he talked about this nation building and that our task is democracy everywhere. when i fought in fact the priority should stay where it was which was this global war against islamist terror, let's take care of that first of our task is not necessarily to establish democracy in the country but to make sure they can't launch attacks again on us. so did there is that worry. at the same time i think it is in our dna and national interest because democracies tend not to declare war against other democracies, they tend not to do that to other free countries but again i think how this comes out in the end will determine that we shall see. >> host: your book is sort of book a snd with the to george bush administrations, george bush the altar and in my mind they had the most divergent philosophies of foreign policy. george bush elder being a realist who after you inject iraq from kuwait during that war sees no reason to try to nation building iraq, no reason to go to baghdad and a very, very carefully choreographs the end of the cold
Mar 5, 2010 7:00am EST
>>> good morning, america, on this friday, march 5th. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts, in hollywood. >> this morning, breaking news. a gunman opens fire at a busy entrance to the pentagon, shooting two police officers. was it more rage against the government? we have his manifesto. >>> and our abc news exclusive. for the first time, see and hear jaycee dugard, as she and her mother break their silence about her incredible ordeal. a daughter, mother and sister, reunited in healing after 18 years. >>> and we are live in l.a., as the stars get set to shine on hollywood's biggest night. ahead, the battle of the exs, the battle of the sexes. and don't forget the parties. and we hear from the nominees, as we head into the final countdown to the oscars. >>> happy friday, everyone. robin, out there in hollywood. they really are gearing up for the big night. >> yeah. i think they're always happy out here, george. yes, they are gearing up for the big night. of course, the oscars. and we are inside the grand ballroom. and it is certainly grand. and this is where hollywood
Mar 31, 2010 5:00am EDT
george's county that ended in a crash. four officers were sent to the hospital and three suspects were arrested. it's been nearly ten hours and there is still an active scene on south capitol street. megan mcgrath is there and joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we still have an active crime scene, a wide area is still cordoned off by police surrounding the 4000 block of south citol street in southeast. they are going to return here today, continuing to collect forensic evidence. so this is going to be an ongoing closure for certainly the morning, and probably a good part of the day here. it's a huge crime scene about six blocks is what we're told. now we got an update, one more person has died overnight, the ath toll now stands at four. three people have been arrested. police are trying to piece together what led up to the deadly shooting. >> this is described as a bloody chaotic scene as the victims drop to the ground. >> heard pop, pop, pop. people just -- people laying on the ground. look on the ground like a football pileup. >> reporter: ten peo
Mar 3, 2010 4:30am EST
here in washington, light rain in prince george's county down into charles county. a little scattered drizzle, anne arundel, calvert and st. mary's. this is going to be with us here throughout much of the day. right now temperatures are all above freezing except maybe just a few of the high spots along the blue ridge and tint highlands of west virginia where there may be a few slick spots. just about everywhere else it is above freezing. out of the mountains, though, in the upper 20 in some locations. could be slick spots there. in the mid and upper 30s around the region. here is the view over the last six hours. we have an area of low pressure spinning away to the east of norfolk. that's going to be passing to the north and east. as it pulls away it will draw in somewhat colder air. as it does so, it may change where it's raining to a little wet snow. again, melting on roads and practically no accumulation at all on the unpaved areas. for the rest of the day, maybe a passing snow shower rain shower with breezy conditions, too. in fact, the winds will be gusting out of the n
Mar 18, 2010 6:43pm EDT
standing up and doing what george was doing. cajoling and persuading and convincing and using all manner of his charming temperament and his booming voice to start to assemble the resources in rhode island and then nationally to build what i feel and i'm sure i'm speaking for my colleague, the finest state veterans cemetery in the country. it is a place of reverence. it is a place of inspiration. it is a place where the families of rhode island veterans feel is appropriate as a resting place of those who served this nation. and in october of 2008, in recognition of his great dedication and service, the administrative building at the cemetery was named after george, a fitting tribute. he was, in addition to an active patriot of his country, our country, the united states of america, he never lost sight of the need to be a powerful force in greek american relations. his constant effort to assist both in terms of business enterprises in greece, in terms of charitable organizations in greece, his continued work to pull together the bonds between greece and the united states was remarkable. h
Mar 29, 2010 12:00am EDT
inaugural of george w. bush when he talked about this nation building and the task as democracy everywhere. when i fought in fact the priority should stay where it was which is this global war against islamic terror but take care of that first. our task is not necessarily established democracies in these countries but to make sure they get large a tax again on us so yet there is that worry. at the same time i think it is in our dna and it is in our national interest because democracies tend not to declare war mark against other democracies, free countries tend not to do that to other countries but again i think how this thing comes out in the and will determine that we should see. >> host: your book is sort of book in did i shall say with it to george bush administrations, george bush the altar. and in my mind they had the most divergent philosophies of foreign policy. george bush the elder being very much the realist who after you inject iraq from kuwait during that war he sees no reason to try to nation built in iraq, no reason to go to baghdad, and very, very carefully choreo
Mar 8, 2010 7:00am EST
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, march 8th. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts in los angeles. the oscar afterparty. this morning, first-timers take all. oscar makes history as the first woman wins best director. >> a moment of a lifetime. >> for a small movie that took home the biggest award of them all. and emotional winners jeff bridges and sandra bullock remember moms and dads. >> moms take care of the babies and children no matter where they come from. >> come with us as we go backstage with the winners on the red carpet with all its glamour. and to the hottest parties in hollywood. "gma" is at the oscars, and you are, too. >>> good morning, america. okay. let's be honest. show of hands. who stayed up late last night watching the oscars? all right. okay. we see you there at home as well. well, we're here in los angeles. the historic los angeles theater. and we're back for a second year. hello, again, you're back, too, for a second here. absolutely gorgeous here. and we have so much that we're going to tell you about because i can't do this by myself
Mar 9, 2010 6:30pm EST
to contain the crisis. prime minister george papandreou said he stressed how important it is to prevent what he called "speculators" from destabilizing his country. to learn more about whether the crisis will spread and how it might affect the u.s., washington bureau chief darren gersh spoke last night with greece's finance minister george papaconstantinou. >> thank you for your time. i think the one thing that many americans are struggling to understand is why is greece struggling to pay its debts. >> well, because our debts are very large, and because we're running very high deficits mpx and it's been something that has been growing over time and not enough attention was paid to it by the previous government. we have a deficit which is close to 15% and a debt exceeding 100% of g. d. p.. with a very dangerous dynamic, and it's got to be controlled. this is why we're taking the very difficult measure that we're taking now, increasing tax rates, excise taxes, cutting nominal wages in the public sector. difficult measures, but we have to do it because otherwise we won't be able to
Mar 15, 2010 6:00am EDT
. george washington parkway, they are diverting traffic because of a single vehicle crash. someone hit a tree. before you run outside, we will show you what it looks like on the beltway. the headlights on the inner loop side have left 270 on the way to the ikea. traffic on the right side is the rush hour volume, increasing and moving at a good pace. >> thank you. >>> 6:11 is your time. 46 degrees. >> after serving their country, what are thousands of american female veterans now living on the streets? we will take a closer look. the streets? we will take a closer look. >> we will it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van d
Mar 15, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >> drivers for the george washington parkway -- we have travel times in our favor. 95 between richmond and baltimore, we will give you the green light. i do not have anything to cost you extra time. closed is the george washington parkway northbound. a vehiclhit a tree. northbound, they have shut that down temporarily. open for business is 270. now we slow down from the river on the wet pavement pass 109. now to the news desk. >> thank you. >>> 5:41, 47 degrees. >> thank you. >>> 5:41, 47 degrees. >> and former home gets announcer: whether is earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. visit... >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> checking our top stories. president obama says he is
Mar 22, 2010 5:00am EDT
wishes and prayers. >> reporter: in clinton, derrick ward, news 4. >>> officials at the prince george's county fire department it appears the fire was an accident. there was a smoke detector in the home but did not appear to be working. >> stay with us now, everybody, "news4 today" continue now at 5:00 a.m. >>> we proved that this government, a government of the people and by the people still works for the people. >> history is made in the united states house of representatives. >> the democrats pass a sweeping healthcare reform bill that now means insurance for tens of millions of americans. >> good morning to you. welcome to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm kimberly suiters in for eun yang. it's monday, march 22, 2010. taking a live look outside, the capitol dome all lit up on the horizon. done look too rainy out there right now from this vantage point. >> drizzly, i think. let's check in with tom kierein. >> we are getting a few sprinkles right here in wraesh you s -- washington where you blochs of blue that rain. getting a few sprinkles in northern prince george's, montgomery, a
Mar 17, 2010 11:00am EDT
alert along the george washington parkway. northbound lanes are closed in the area of the first overlook while police investigate a deadly truck crash that happened on monday morning. >>> 11:03 is your time. let's get the latest on any troubles on the roadway. jerry has the latest. >> good morning. it was a very busy and for a lot of folks very frustrating commute. we settled down a little bit in some spots. other spots are we jammed because of midday roadwork. that's the outer loop of the beltway, leaving virginia. outer loop at the dulles tollway, crews will be out there for part of the midday. heavy and slow from springfield up towards 66. no incidents. however, crews did some additional lane striping in the overnight hours. on the beltway at interstate 66 interchange. seems to be confusing, as a result, traffic is roll, very slowly through that intersection. back to you. >> looking outside right now, bright sunshine. that is quickly warming us up. we love this great weather. let's get the first forecast from meteorologist top keem kie >> we had quite a chilly start but with
Mar 24, 2010 8:00pm EDT
: this afternoon, george rhythm and dennis ross pick up where the president left off. >> it was not a good day for israel in terms of the language and attacks inside the council chamber. >> yesterday's announcement that the final approval has been given to build 20 settlement units in sheikh jarra is r unacceptable. >> more than 100 mill at that points are behind bars. they were arrested on suspicion of blotting terrorist attacks. >> more than 100 suspects are accused of plotting attacks on police and oil installations in the saudi kingdom. most of the suspects are saudi and anymoren 83. >> they captured a lot of weapons, ammunition, video recording equipment, communications equipment, and they also say they captured another two cells, two six man cells. they say these two six man cells were preparing a suicide attack, preparing separate suicide attacks on saudi oil facilities. they were going to pack vehicles full of explosives. >> of the 101 arrested more are actually yemenees. the saudis have made clear these individuals were launched from yemen into saudi arabia where they were go
Mar 14, 2010 7:00am EDT
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Mar 15, 2010 1:00am EDT
testimony about things that witnesses claim, george, cindy, lee anthony described to them about what was going on in their house. for example, both lee and -- both jesse grund, casey's old yfriend, and his father claimed lee anthony claimed there was actually a fight between cindy and her mother -- or casey and her mother where they actually became physical. casey was choked by her mother. >> you mean they had a physical fight? >> that's right. >> tot mom and her mother. >> yes. and right before caylee went missing. >> i believe everything that my sister tells me. >> i have to keep my mother shut about what she said. >> i've already answered the question. >> you believe your child. >> i have no one to comfort me. >> tried t pin it on zany the nanny. >> not in control of any of this. >> tes to pin it on people who don't even exist. >> you're not helping me help myself. >> what she told me and what i found out was two different thin things. >> just a random question. are there cameras in all of the rooms? >> i have no friging clue. >> we are taking your calls live. out to michelle in south
Mar 16, 2010 5:00am EDT
blames high unemployment and low state funding for the crisis. >>> prince george's county is also feeling the pain from this down economy. >> the county executive jack johnson unveiled his proposed budget yesterday, and it could cost county employees big bucks. >> reporter: prince george's county executive jack johnson unveiled a $2.6 billion budget. tax revenue from real estate took a major hit. johnson said the county went from selling 1200 homes a month in 2006, to 600 in the month of january. he said home values have tanked as well. >> the price has dropped from $340, to right here, less than $100. probably about $180,000, just a huge dropoff in value. >> reporter: activist arthur turner said the county needs to add more commercial and office jobs to the mix and become less dependant on falling real estate taxes. >> gsa tenants, government agencies, state agencies we could have people coming here to work and grow our tax base. >> reporter: the budget crunch will affect education as well. the school board pass at new budget, calling for the elimination of some 800 positions, ab
Mar 12, 2010 6:00pm EST
sprinkles right in prince george's county. in the district, it's pretty much stopped temporarily. there is some light rain in montgomery county and fairfax county. right now in anne arundel county, there's rain coming across the bay. there's some steadier rain in loudoun county, fedoruk county, maryland, and virginia. they do have the creeks out of their banks now near martinsburg. three to five inches of rain. all these counties in green, by the time we get into sunday. this is really going to be quite a soaking rain system that is going to continue. these are the rainfall totals we've had over the last 24 hours. we've had almost six-tenths of an inch in washington. quite a bit more farther west and north. i'll have details on the forecast for the weekend. we'll look into next week a well coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, tom. >>> president obama was supposed to leave for indonesia next week but he's now decided to postpone that trip by several days. he hopes to have a health care reform bill to sign before he leaves. steve handelsman is on capitol hill
Mar 4, 2010 12:00am EST
book, i wrote the speech that george bush should and could have given, ordering airplanes down, saying to the american people, this is why we need international law, this is why we need to collaborate with other countries. instead, what we heard from the beginning was, we will go after these people and kill them. the problem is these people were already dead. none of the people who committed those crimes were afghan spree they were egyptians and saudis. they trained in florida. none of them went to flight school in afghanistan. they went to flight school in minnesota. we went to war with the country across the world from us because we could, because it looked like justice, and it really was about vengeance. it was designed, i think, to lay the political basis for the war that would come later, and iraq. but it was not a war of necessity then, and it is certainly not a war of necessity now, especially since president obama promised, "i will end the war in iraq and expedite afghanistan." the problem is there is a huge contradiction between that promise, which he has kept, but the other p
Mar 15, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of la plata and welcome all the way down 301 many to dahlgren in to king george county and northern neck. northern half of st. mary's county out of prince georges. back on the weather computer, i want to talk about the flood warnings. all of those counties in green up and down the potomac in flood warning stage. we were seeing areas where the water levels have been several feet above flood stage causing problems and we are watching that because the next high tide, this is the important part, alexandria 9:26. annapolis 6:10 and indian head 8:54. >> thank you. cleanup is underway in northwest washington. a tree fell on a house there. it happened 9:30 this morning. the house is located in the 2300 block of 49th street northwest. a luxury car in front of the house was also damaged. we're told that damage to the house is superficial and there are no reports of power outages there. >>> the potomac river is on the rise. these are pictures from georgetown and they give you a good idea of how quickly the water was moving. the waterfront is also completely submerged. as you can see a lot of d
Feb 28, 2010 11:00pm EST
prince george's county schools and last night the board slashed some $45 million from the budget means that teacher layoffs, bigger classes and pricier school lunches. darcy is live outside largo high school with more. >> reporter: the parent wes spoke to say they're very concerned that these cuts will hurt their child's education. in prince george's county, millions of dollars in budget cuts are going to be felt across the board in education. hundreds of teachers will be laid off. class sizes increase, and even the cost of a school lunch is going up. >> we just had the snow situation. so the kids missed a lot of days. i think the school board really needs to look and think about how this is veally going to impact the children. >> i'm definitely concerned any time they make cuts related to education because education is the foundation for everything else. >> the school board passed a budget this weekend that cuts about $45 million. in all, 800 jobs wilbe lost including more than 350 teachers. teachers will be furloughed for five days and other and about 120 liaisons who serve as
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